A Guide to Boat Maintenance for Beginners

A Guide to Boat Maintenance for Beginners

After buying a home, a boat is one of the largest purchases that a family can make. Now, if you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house, you would certainly make sure it is well maintained so that it can last for years.

The same is true if you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a boat. Creating a boat maintenance checklist and sticking to it is the perfect way to get years of enjoyment from your boat.

Here is a quick and easy guide to maintaining your boat if you are a beginner.

Essentially, there are five areas you need to keep on your boat maintenance checklist:

  • Engine
  • Hull
  • Electrical System
  • Moving Parts
  • Upholstery

Each of these areas has its own special considerations, so let’s break them down:

  1. Engine — This is the heart and lifeblood of your boat. If your engine goes out on the water, you’re stuck until you get towed back in. Every 50 to 100 hours of use, you need to change the oil in your engine. You should flush the engine after you go out on the water each time. Finally, make sure to inspect the engine closely for oil and gas leaks.

  2. Hull — This is an area that can really cost you some money if it becomes a problem. Every so often, rinse down the hull of the boat to remove any algae that may be clinging to it. Then, use a hull cleaning solution and a soft sponge to gently hand wash the hull and the topsides of the boat to ensure that it looks good but also stays secure.

  3. Electrical — Check the connections to your battery to ensure that they are not coming loose or corroding. Also, inspect the battery itself regularly for signs of corrosion. Water (especially saltwater if you are on the ocean) can corrode batteries easily and cause your electrical system to fail when you least expect it.

  4. Moving Parts — Check all of the individual moving parts to make sure that they are functioning properly. If necessary, add oil to your hinges and other parts to make sure that they move easily and without any signs of rust.

  5. Upholstery — Wiping down your upholstery regularly with a cleaning solution will keep it from cracking or peeling. Also, make sure to cover your boat when not in use to ensure that the sun and elements don’t mess up the upholstery. (You wouldn’t buy a convertible and then always leave the top down, would you?)

If you follow the advice in these five areas and stay true to your boat maintenance checklist, then you can ensure that your boat will last for years to come. These are simple actions that every owner can take to make your boat run smoothly.

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