A Guide to Finding the Best Gated Communities in Arkansas

You are looking for a place to settle down with your loved ones. Perhaps you are reaching retirement age and want to finally buy that home you’ve been dreaming of for decades You could also be a young family looking for a safe, secure neighborhood to raise your children. Maybe you want to invest in a home that will pay off in the long run, in an area that won’t depreciate in value? Is a gated community in Arkansas right for you?

Gated communities are a recent housing development trend. Once regulated to luxury, higher value areas, these communities are now being built all over the United States. In fact, there are currently over 25,000+ gated communities in America.

You are going to be evaluating several of the best gated communities in Arkansas to uncover just the right neighborhood for you and your family. Here are some aspects of gated communities that you will want to evaluate before making a final decision.


You’re attracted to many of the features of a gated community and we are guessing that security is one of them. Every homeowner wants to feel safe and secure in their home and community. You are no exception!

Pay attention to the security features of the area. Do they have security personnel on staff? Since it’s a gated community, secure entry is practically guaranteed, but does the property also have surveillance equipment, secure barriers around the neighborhood, security systems, alarms, and established procedures? Is the protection of your family a 24/7 endeavor? To ensure this is a safer environment for your family, you’ll need to ask these important questions.


Gated communities give families a level of privacy that is non-existent in other neighborhoods and communities. You are seeking a calmer, quieter lifestyle and purchasing a home in a private, limited access area is just what you need. Your loved ones will experience less traffic, making it a safe and peaceful place to live. Your desire for a quieter, more inspiring lifestyle begins with a controlled access neighborhood.


Once you invest in a gated community, you become an inclusive member of a small group of people. Gated communities also offer impressive amenities that you’ll share with the other members of your neighborhood.

If you crave a beautiful environment to live in, one of the perks of this style of living is well-kept and maintained landscaping and public areas.

When you purchase a home in this sort of environment, you essentially own an oasis from the world. Not everyone can say that about their home. If this level of prestige appeals to you, a gated community doesn’t have to cost a ton of money.


Private communities in Arkansas, and other states, have a stronger sense of connection and community. These sorts of neighborhoods tend to have more events and opportunities for social interaction and engagement. We know you’ve been looking for a tight-knit neighborhood that has a small-town feel, where everyone knows each other and goes out of their way to socialize and support each other. The built-in amenities of the best gated communities make it easy for folks to plan activities and spend time together.

Why Arkansas?

Many of these gated communities exist in states, like Arkansas, where the cost of living is much less than larger urban areas in higher-cost states. Arkansas also has gorgeous countryside. You get access to nature and small-town living while avoiding paying the costs of living in states like California or Colorado.

Get all the benefits of the best gated communities without stretching yourself too thin. You’ll be amazing by the affordability and completely mesmerized by the nature that surrounds your new home.

If you’d like to discover one of the best gated communities in Arkansas for yourself, check out Diamondhead Resort Community. It’s just minutes from Hot Springs, Arkansas and surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Lake Catherine State park. Get started on your search for the perfect home by visiting us in Arkansas!

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