Are You Dreaming About a House by a Lake

Are You Dreaming About a House by a Lake?

When you picture your dream house, what comes to mind? Have you been looking for a specific type of property – like lakes houses for sale?

For many people, it is the house they are already living in. But for others, the dream isn’t necessarily about the house itself, but the location.

It’s a common real estate mantra—location, location, location. But it truly is so important.

If your dreams of finding the perfect home involve finding actual lake houses for sale, here are some things to think about before you take the plunge:

  1. Cost — First, let’s get rid of this elephant in the room. Yes, a lakefront property is going to be more expensive than a landlocked plot. Generally speaking, the square footage of the waterfront property goes towards determining the cost of the house. So, a house may seem steep to you or even close to what you would expect to pay for a regular house. But in these cases, the features and amenities of the house are probably going to be much less than what you are used to. Also, remember that mortgages on a second home can be trickier, often requiring more substantial down payments than a traditional home.

  2. Maintenance and Insurance -- You also have to consider the special conditions of owning such a house. See if you have your own boat dock that must be maintained or if it is public. For instance, if you are looking at lake houses for sale in Arkansas, you might need to see who actually owns the boat dock and if you are expected to maintain it. If you are planning to use the house for a weekend or summer getaway, then you must realize that having the house closed down for extended periods of time will bring its own special brand of maintenance costs. Also, lakefront properties may require special insurance, especially if your house is in a flood zone.

  3. Closeness — Finally, you need to think about how close and practical such a home might be. If you plan to spend the summers there every day, you are going to have to commute during the workweek. How far away are you willing to travel to make this a reality? If you work two hours from the property, are you willing to spend four hours roundtrip each day making the commute?

Owning a lake house is a dream for many Americans. Having your own place to connect with friends and family in a relaxed environment all your own is incredible. But these are a few things you need to consider when deciding if it is right for you.

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