Considerations When Seeking the Best Places to Buy a Second Home in the US

You are ready to take the leap into purchasing another piece of real estate. Whether you want to own another home, are looking for a vacation spot, or just getting into the rental space – you need to locate the best places to buy a second home in the US. First, congratulations on this big decision! We want to help you narrow down your choices so you can pick the perfect location for this dream project.

Consideration #1 – Location, Location, Location

Once you start really thinking about purchasing additional real estate, the first thing that comes to mind is where to go. Perhaps you already have a dream location in mind but, if not, you could ask yourself a few questions:

  • Where do you want to live?
  • What do you want the weather to be like?
  • Should your second home be near water, embedded in trees, or up in the mountains?
  • Is there a certain area of the country that you really enjoy visiting?
  • Do you want an active community or a private location all to yourself?
  • Urban, suburban or rural? Or a combination? Perhaps you’d like a rural feel but close enough to an urban area to go out for a night on the town occasionally?

These questions will start you on your journey to finding the best places to buy a second home in the US. Every buyer will have different criteria so it’s important to spend time evaluating what you really want before you begin looking.

Consideration #2 – What’s Your Lifestyle?

If you are planning to stay in this home, even only part of the year, it’s essential to evaluate your lifestyle. Do you love to be outdoors? Are you going into retirement and searching for a community with plenty to do and see? Would you love a grand view from the living room window? Do you need to be near an urban city?

The best place for you to purchase a second home should take your current, or desired lifestyle, into consideration. If you love to golf, seek out communities with nearby golf courses. If you want both privacy and community, these are things you’ll need to know before visiting neighborhoods. Sit down and take stock of what you want, what you’d like to do, and how your ideal life will look after purchasing your new home, vacation home, or retirement home.

Consideration #3 – Security

Some of your stress and anxiety in purchasing a second home is probably surrounding how to care for and protect it even when you aren’t around. There are a variety of choices available for homeowners who don’t preside in their home all year long.

There are simple ways to protect your investment that you can tackle on your own but also consider communities that have their own features or systems in place like gates, cameras, and security personnel. This sort of neighborhood will take a lot of the stress out of worrying about protecting your new home.

Consideration #4 - Costs

Of course, no large purchase like this is complete without calculating costs. Resort communities can be expensive, depending on where you want to live. Remember to factor in additional costs like seasonal maintenance, property taxes, home insurance, and HOA fees. These things can all add up for you and you want to ensure that this purchase is worth it and doesn’t cause you any buyer’s remorse. This may mean seeking areas that are just as lovely but not as popular as the traditional second home cities around the country. If you can find a beautiful location, with tons of amenities, and their own security in a city or state with a lower cost of living – you win!!!

Hopefully, this gives you some things to mull over when considering the best places to buy a second home in the US. If this sounds like your dream, we’d love to have you visit us at the Diamondhead Resort Community outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas. You just might find all of the items on your wish list, and more, in our community. Find out more about us at

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