Finding the Safest Places to Live in Arkansas

Are you, and your family, looking to settle down somewhere new but safety is the primary concern? You’re not alone. Your home, neighborhood and quality of life are all key factors when it’s time to purchase a house. Often the people you will talk to during this process have a not-so-hidden agenda. Real estate agents, mortgage brokers, homebuilders and similar experts all have a vested interest in convincing you to buy. How do you determine if your new home actually is one of the safest places in Arkansas to live? Here’s our advice to homebuyers who prioritize safety in their search for a home.

Crime Data

Crime data is public and easily accessible. If you want to uncover stats on how much crime happens in the community you are interested in, it’s as easy as opening your Internet browser window and doing some simple searches. Experts recommend using CrimeReports or SpotCrime to get access to police reports and crime information for the area before signing any contracts. Also, take a moment to check the National Sex Offender Public Website as offenders are mapped here and the information can be accessed for free.

Gated Communities

You’ve probably lived in neighborhoods that were open and anyone could drive through whenever they wanted. Neighborhood groups exist everywhere with worried or concerned residents reporting car break-ins, late night suspicious activity, stolen Amazon packages, and more. However, if you purchase a home in a gated community, access is limited to those who are supposed to be there. This drastically reduces the chance that you’ll have to deal with any of these frustrating scenarios. Simply put, you’ll be safer in a gated community than in any other one.

Security & Law Enforcement

If you are really seeking peace of mind, there are many options available where there are 24/7 security features or personnel within the community to monitor activity and keep residents safe. Most gated communities offer some level of security as well, and there are a handful that have their own police officers on the property! Talk about feeling safe at night. These may sound like expensive amenities, but you will find that communities in areas with a lower cost of living are actually quite affordable even with the additional security measures in place.

Talk to Locals

You may be tempted to skip this step, but we encourage you to go out into your neighborhood of choice and find a way to strike up conversations with the locals. No research into the safety of a community is complete without talking to its residents. Be open-minded about the fact that some of the complaints you hear may be biased or too personal to be relevant for you. If the community is gated, check out the local establishments such as restaurants, golf courses, or other places people gather to ask your questions. If you speak to enough people, you’ll get a feel for the area and the people who will be your new neighbors.

Since safety is one of your priorities, we think you’ll love the security features at Diamondhead Resort Community just outside of Hot Springs. We’ve gone out of our way to ensure that our community is one of the safest places to live in Arkansas. Not only will you get that small town feel of community and neighborhood togetherness, we are also a gated community with our own police station on-site. Take a trip to the Lake Catherine area and get a feel for the beauty and safety of owning a home in Diamondhead. Lay your head down at night, feeling safe and secure in your choice. We can’t wait to show you that peace of mind does exist when you buy your home in the Diamondhead Resort Community.

Gated Security, Swimming Pools, Picnic Pavilion, 18-hole PGA Golf Course, Pro Shop, 19th Hole Restaurant & Bar, Lighted Tennis and Basketball Courts, Marina, Boat Docks, and a Children’s Playground.

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